Half Marathon Training Plan

So you’ve carried out some jogging before and you’re simply thinking of finally taking this further as well as competing within a half race. First off you need to allow your self at least 10 weeks serious training to prepare for the race.

This big Ten week start is looming so begin with thinking seriously about healthy eating plan. Try to ensure you are close to your perfect body weight in case you haven’t been recently doing almost any training previous
to this point it’s wise to pay a medical professional a visit to simply have a check of the fitness to perform.
Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies is a great way to make sure your whole body has every one of the vitamins and minerals it is going to need and also combined with dieting full of grain,
breads, vegetables and potatoes you will be ensuring that you have a beneficial store of glycogen that can be transformed into the glucose needed for energy. Your diet within the run
up to the race needs to be around 70% carbohydrates (this is whats called “carb loading” and is needed because if you hit that wall it is your glycogen stores that can assist you over
it, although one’s body will also need to have a good body fat store to be able to rely on later in the race – any mans ideal body fat on race day should be close to 15% with a female’s around 25-30%. As long as you have a great, balanced diet you can find really you don’t need to up protein intake because this isn’t depended on for vitality just for development and mend of muscles after the race.

Along with diet, keeping your entire body hydrated for the duration of half race training is important. You should not end up close to the end of your race together with agonising cramps or suffering the particular effects of heat stroke instead of being able to complete. Get in a very good habit of drinking around 16ozs with, preferably, simple water a couple of hours before every single run. For the duration of running you’ll find that you need to keep your hydration levels topped up by taking in a further 6-8ozs water every Thirty minutes or so. And never be tempted to drink coffee or even coke as opposed to water thinking the the level of caffeine will give you slightly boost it’ll have a a damaging effect on your hydration.

With all your diet along with hydration sorted start planning on what you are planning to wear for the day. The clothing must allow your skin to take in air and not rub or aggravate you thus wear these people while the out training to check that they will be going to serve their purpose. In addition
stick to snug but not restricted clothing while you don’t need a t shirt which would billow up around you if it’s the windy day and slow you down. Footwear is naturally also likely to be important. Trainers or even running shoes should be comfortable and light-weight weight but need to supply lots of support so just as before try them out if you’re training and do not save all of them so they are all new and shiny for the special day. Snazzy,spotless running trainers may look the part but you also can find yourself limping away from the race along with blisters that will deserve any gold medal! Wearing a heart rate monitor android can also help you improve your training.

You may have already done some long distance running and even taken part in a one half marathon beforehand and want to get the time right down to, maybe, beneath two hours. No matter what your practical experience don’t dash into entire intensity training seven days a week even professional marathon runners have rest days! Let yourself Two to three of these relaxation days a week, then on a further 2 or 3 days perform an easy to moderate work out of around 20-30 minutes a program. This way you’ll only have a couple of days per week to dread I mean to execute a high training session. Within this day you’ll be training long and hard, beginning with an hour long, high intensity run building this approximately two hours after the ten weeks. Don’t forget as the weeks go by to add in some hill running using a x trainer if you live somewhere flat and whatever you do NO RUNNING on the a couple of days before the contest.

“Don’t do anything more than 10-15 minutes of light jogging before the race” advises Scott Douglas of Runners World. You don’t want to deplete those glycogen levels you’ve worked hard to amass over the last ten weeks. A small jog as well as some stretching exercises are sufficient prior to the competition and then head out and find your quiet space or room to relax yourself down and
be sure yourself this is going to be a “walk in the park” because any long-distance runner can tell you, determination plus a will to be successful is one of the surest ways to “go the particular distance”. Training for a half marathon is a great way to staying fit and healthy.


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